Prices and booking

How to book?
We provide information on request about the availability of your accommodation:
Mobile +39 3398236928
or send us your inquiry:

After having received telephone confirmation the following happens:

  • We keep the room reserved for 48 hours
  • After this period of time the room is free again
  • Please send 50% of the total costs to our bank:
    Banca Unicredit, Filiale di Albenga
    IBAN IT61j0200849252000005086922
    oder mit Postanweisung
    We accept credit cards or debit cards


After having paid, send copy of the payment receipt to the mail
Remember that the incoming times are: From 12.00 to 6.00 p.m. because the rooms are available in the afternoon and we work in the field during the day.

If you arrive after 6 p.m. please call us, in other case we could sold you room.

Print a geographic plan from the site, it can be helpful to find the way till here. or use this: how to reach us



Cà dell’Alpe and Restaurant

Bed & Breakfast
adult € 29,00
for Children from 0 to 3 years € 5,00
for Children from 4 to 5 years € 15,00
for Children from 6 to 8 years € 22,00
Adults Christmas, Easter from 01/07 to 31/08 € 34,00
Meal € 13,00
Breakfast € 4,50
Children’s meal € 7,50

N.B. drinks and desserts are not included.
Our rooms are without Television, and without soap in the bathroom.

Prices for a tent pitch

Small (2,5×2,5mt) € 4,00
Medium (4,5×4,5mt) € 6,00
Large (più di 4,5mt) € 10,00

Camping, each person

Caravan with breakfast € 18,00
Caravan with breakfast, Children from 0 to 4 years € 5,00
Caravan with breakfast, Children from 5 to 10 years € 10,00
Camping – tent adults € 8,00
Camping in the tent, Children from 0 to 4 years € 4,00
Camping in the tent, Children from 5 to 8 years € 6,00
tents with one side longer than 5m pay 5 euros more
the connection to the power (where available) cost 5 euros per day more


  • tents of less than 2.5 meters will be charged with 2,00 euros / day.
  • tents of over 2.5 meters will be charged with 5,00 euros / day.
  • the supply of electricity is possible, BUT ONLY in some camping pitches (5.00 € / day).
  • Towels are not included in the caravans, while sheets are included.
  • Shower tokens cost € 0.50 / each